About the Diploma


The Diploma is a nine-month ONLINE open-learning course, designed to help students achieve a reasonable level of understanding of the basic Principles of Theosophy. Next year’s course will commence in March 2019 and the examination will be in November 2019.

There are eight subjects which run over an eight-month period, and with one month per subject there is plenty of time to consider the reference material for each area of study. All modules are provided online and other guidance is available from free or inexpensive sources of information.

Since its inception, the Diploma course has been very popular and has seen over 95% of its students awarded a certificate of a Diploma in Theosophy. Those who have taken the Diploma have said this has given them a much greater understanding of Theosophy and that it has been an invaluable experience, enhancing their lives through the deeper knowledge this brings.


How is the Course Delivered?


This ‘on-line’ course is accessed a dedicated website, so there will not be any paperwork or books to receive by post.  Everything is provided through this Diploma website.

You will be able to study each subject on your own computer by downloading the free books that are used for reference.

There will also be links to videos on each subject for you to watch on-line.  Hard copies of the two reference books can be sent on payment of the relevant costs.

Who Can Take the Course?


The Diploma is open to all who have a wish to gain knowledge of basic Theosophical Principles.



The Diploma will be awarded to students who have completed the course and demonstrated they have gained an understanding of basic theosophical principles by passing an end-of-year ‘open book’ examination.

One month is allowed for revision and completion prior to the exam and the Diploma is awarded once all exam papers have been marked at the end of the year. Diploma certificates will be issued in January 2020.

A total of one hundred and eleven students enrolled for the course this year, and as well as many members from the U.K., students from countries across the world also take part. These include India, America, Africa, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand.

The Diploma will demonstrate that you have reached a comprehensive level of understanding over a wide range of metaphysical subjects. Lecturers and course leaders on spirituality would do well to have this Diploma to their credit as it shows that they are not just speaking from a narrow field of interest but have a comprehensive knowledge of these spiritual principles to draw upon.


Value of the Diploma in Theosophy


The Diploma develops a fuller understanding of the Ageless Wisdom, which is invaluable for many of the modern spiritual services, such as healing, spiritual counselling, yoga, and a host of therapies. Theosophical knowledge underpins the core principles and values which lie behind these activities. It is of interest to all those who have an enquiring mind and who wish to know about the esoteric teachings.

There have been many courses in Theosophy but never before a comprehensive Diploma awarded through examination. Only the Theosophical Society has the authority to offer a genuine Theosophical Diploma that carries some real value and will be respected as a true mark of achievement. The Diploma is not an academic award, yet it will nevertheless have a very meaningful and true value within spiritual circles.



The 2018 course enrolment is now closed.
Late applications will be held on file for 2019. 

Please complete the downloadable
Application Form Here…
and email to: office@theosoc.org.uk

Or return by post to:
The Theosophical Society in England,
50 Gloucester Place,
London W1E 8UA.

Enquiries: mailto:office@theosoc.org.uk  or 020 7563 9817


The Fee for the Diploma is £30 Members of the Theosophical Society or £90 for non-members.

These modest fees are to make the course accessible and some concessions are available.
For information about joining the Society please click here.

For further information regarding payment, email the accounts office at accounts@theosoc.org.uk.

Please make UK online payments to:

The Theosophical Society in England (Charity)
Metro Bank,
Sort Code 23-05-80
Account No. 26632749

Be sure to include Reference: Your surname +DIP. Overseas bank charges may apply.

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