WELCOME TO The National Theosophical Society of Wales

established 1922

Y Gymdeithas Theosophaidd yng Nghymru

International Headquarters Adyar, India.
Meetings in Bangor, Swansea, Holyhead, Conwy, Colwyn bay


                 DIPLOMA COURSE                 


Theosophy reveals the Wisdom and core of all religions and philosophies. Theosophical principles have been restated in different ways by seers and sages throughout human history, they are the Ancient Esoteric Teachings that lie behind all religions, myths and legends. The Theosophical Society was formed in 1875 by H. P. Blavatsky for the purpose of making the Ageless Wisdom available to everyone. It is now active in over 50 countries.


                     ‘HP Blavatsky gathered together the oldest and the most profound ancient wisdom. She gave it to the world as Theosophy.
                                                          She has been described as – ‘The Grandmother of the New Age.’
                                 The Talks arranged in your locality are only possible through the continued organisation of the theosophical Society.
                                                          The Society is composed of students belonging to any belief system or to none.
                                                 Central to the concerns of Theosophy is the desire to promote understanding and brotherhood
                                                                                  among people of all races, creeds and philosophies.
                                                        The Society welcomes anyone to join in our exploration of the Ancient Wisdom,
who is in sympathy with our Three Objects –
                                                    1. To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction
                                                                                 of race, creed,  gender, cast or colour.
                                                    2 To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.
                                                    3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man


New enquirers are always welcome.


The National Secretary ~

Julie Cunningham ~ theosophywales@yahoo.co.uk